Enzo Oliveri

Celebrity Chef

Enzo Oliveri – celebrity chef – famous for his TV cooking programmes with Michael Roux (Kitchen Impossible on ITV in the UK), in Sicily with Aldo Zilli for ‘Aldo and Enzo in Sicily’ and BBC Good Food, Gordon Ramsay (Channel 4) and Paul Hollywood in City Baker for Food Network. His repertoire includes working for Princess Cruises, World Disney, Hilton International, Corinthia Palace, Trust House Forte and various resorts all around the world. Oliveri has cooked for a number of prime ministers, world leaders and VIPs including Princess Diana, Madonna, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Al Pacino, Kim Basinger and many more. Chef Enzo is now also part of the International Hospitality Council and judge of the young chef Olympiad. He is a true culinary entrepreneur.

For the past five years he’s been honing his skills as a sports nutritionist, working with the Italian National cycling team which he will continue to support every year. He is regularly called upon by the Italian government, the Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute to help in promoting Italian food and healthy living through exhibitions, cooking shows, master classes, gala dinners and banquettes.

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