Professor Irene Sheridan

Head of the CIT Extended Campus

Professor Irene Sheridan is Head of the CIT Extended Campus and leader of the Enterprise Engagement and Experiential Learning Research Group. Her background is in Electronic Engineering and she has worked for almost a decade in electronics design and manufacturing roles.  Irene has been the project leader on two significant projects funded by the Higher Education Authority in Ireland.  With a combined budget of €13m, the Education in Employment and Roadmap for Employment-Academic Partnership projects (2007-2014) involved up to fifteen higher education institutions and focused on the development of education pathways for those in the workplace and guidelines for good practice in developing partnerships across the enterprise/education divide. 

As Head of the CIT Extended Campus Irene is responsible for stimulating and supporting all forms of interaction with public, private and not-for-profit organisations large and small, and has developed customer relationship and case management systems to assist in the codification and mapping of engagement.  She has acted as Lead Expert for the EACEA Knowledge Alliance action for a number of years, as European Expert with the Eurashe-led ProCSEE project and as the Irish partner for the State of University-Business Cooperation (UBC) in Europe Project. 

Irene is currently involved in a number of EU funded projects including the VISKA project which is exploring the validation of learning and recognition of skills of migrants and refugees, EVAVOL project which is aimed at the validation of learning gained through volunteering and the FIT4FoF project which will explore pathways to ensure that those in the workplace are prepared for the challenges posed by factories of the future.

Irene is a member of the monitoring committee of the South and East Regional Operational Programme and a Board Member of the Quality and Qualifications Authority Ireland (QQI).

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