Victoria Stewart

Victoria Stewart is a journalist who created Hospitality Speaks at the start of 2018, having spent 10+ years writing and speaking about food, drink & hospitality industry initially as the Evening Standard’s food editor and latterly for national newspapers and magazines. Prior to that, she spent 6 years working as a part-time waitress.

Through her experience interviewing and researching the industry, Stewart has seen a great deal of operators who respect and protect their staff; she has also heard a huge number of stories of sexual harassment and bullying, predatory behaviour, and talented people leaving the industry through exasperation and burnout.

Seeing an urgent need to combine both elements – on-the-ground examples of things that aren’t working, alongside examples of better practice and thriving staff – she built Hospitality Speaks to create a more positive, dynamic and future-proof industry. Stewart also helped start AMP (A Meeting Place), a digital zine amplifying women’s voices in food and sustainability.

Photo credit Bethany Hobbs

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